Teacher Supports

Photo of teachers and students in classroom

SPICE addresses the complex intersection across science, engineering, and computational thinking (CT), disciplines with which that elementary teachers typically require support. SPICE helps teachers tackle the challenges of integrating both engineering and CT with project-based science instruction by providing teacher professional development workshops, and a detailed teacher guide that includes educative supports.

Our professional development workshops involve collective participation and active learning through engagement in the inquiry, engineering design, and computational modeling activities themselves. These activities will serve to strengthen teachers’ underlying understanding of the principles of the NGSS and the K-12 CS Framework, facilitate teachers’ sense-making about engineering and computational thinking, as well as their connections to science, and guide them in promoting integrated learning across science, engineering, and CT.

Our educative teacher guide is a detailed document that includes a pacing guide, guides for implementing lessons, teaching tools, resources on standards and frameworks, and pedagogical approaches for supporting student-driven inquiry, engineering design, computational modeling, peer collaboration, student discourse, and equitable access to the unit activities.