The SPICE team has developed a set of summative as well as formative assessments. The summative assessments address the target NGSS science and engineering PEs of the curriculum unit: 5ESS3-1, 3-5ETS1-1, 3-5ETS1-2, and 3-5ETS1-3, as well as the focal CS concepts needed to construct the computational runoff model (e.g., sequences, variables, expressions, simple conditional statements). This assessment is used as a measure of student progress from using SPICE.

The formative assessment tasks are embedded within specific lessons and aim to provide teachers with information to gauge their students’ proficiency with specific science and CT concepts and practices needed to develop the computational runoff model, test engineering solutions, and interpret the outcomes of these tests. SPICE takes an integrated approach to curriculum and assessment development. The learning performances that serve as anchors for curriculum sequences also serve as targets for the NGSS-aligned formative assessments. SPICE provides teachers with observation tools to help them interpret students responses to the assessment tasks and guidance on how to support students on the basis of their responses.

 Screenshot of an Embedded Assessment
An example embedded assessment task assessing students’ ability to develop a model that explains the difference in water runoff between a grass surface and a concrete surface. The modeling tool enables students to represent water flow and conservation using arrows.