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Science Projects Integrating Computing and Engineering, or SPICE, is an NSF-funded STEM+C Design and Development project that develops NGSS aligned curricular materials integrating computational modeling with science and engineering for students in grades 5 and 6. Computational modeling allows students to move between understanding a system via science inquiry and engineering a problem solution related to the system, especially for systems that cannot be easily investigated using physical materials.

A collaboration among SRI International, Digital Promise, Vanderbilt University, and University of Virginia, SPICE offers upper elementary students the unique opportunity to engage in the authentic STEM practices that scientists and engineers use as part of their work. The project team developed the Water Runoff Challenge (WRC) – a multi-week curriculum unit for upper elementary students that integrates Earth science, engineering, and CT. In the WRC, students address the problem of flooding of a schoolyard during heavy rainfall and are challenged to resurface the schoolyard in a way that minimizes surface water runoff during a storm (while also meeting constraints on cost, accessibility of schoolyard, and uses of different surface materials).

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